esports law and taxes

Esports is developing into an economic factor. Many things are unclear from a legal and fiscal point of view. We take care of these issues in practice and science.


Esports fascinates millions of people worldwide. Its popularity among companies and the public is growing continuously. At the same time, there is an increasing need for advice on the widely unexplored legal aspects of esports.

Esports players, companies and associations benefit from our expertise, especially in tax law and gambling law. We take care of the tax law issues that arise directly or indirectly in esports, such as the taxation of income generated by players or the assessment of the trade in skins under tax law.

At the same time, we advise companies that want to implement new ideas in esports but are faced with gambling law requirements. Apart from special legal questions, we help players in eSports with classical legal problems, for example in the area of labour law.

A further major concern of ours is the legal research of esports. Our lawyer Dr. Lennart Brüggemann has devoted himself to this topic, particularly in his publications. He is involved, for example, in a keyword commentary on esports Law which is to appear in 2021. He is also an associate of the Research Centre for esports Law (University of Augsburg).

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